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Comments on Profile Post by Shanks

  1. Sweet Disposition
    Sweet Disposition
    jab se log religion ke naam pe violence ko justfy krne lage

    i have read communist manisto its fcking failed ideology but million times better than alt right horsecrap
    Jun 10, 2018
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  2. Shanks
    Damn i thought u luv modi . Ya communist is dead though but bjp is way better than congis and pappus.
    Jun 13, 2018
  3. Sweet Disposition
    Sweet Disposition
    Not anymore. They are just as corrupt as congress if not more.
    Lynching is increasing like crazy and the right wing low brain cells are justifying it
    Media as become presstitute in literal sense
    Killing all the scientific organization by propagating horsecrap like human didn't evolve from ape and we have internet during Mahabharata
    British stooges are giving everyone antinational tag
    The venom on sm is unbearable
    Fake news has been mainstreamed with fags like sudhir choudhary propagating it
    rape of 8 year old is given communal color
    And this fag of a modi his butt buddy amit shah and arun jaitely are moaning everything is happening becoz nehru and you can't say anything against him becoz duh

    I could have abused MMS in public without fear of someone killing me not this guy who is lying for 4 years like crazy
    Jun 13, 2018
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  4. Shanks
    Well damn i dunno what is happening over there in delhi. Well bjp have had faults well almost all parties have idiots talking like this.

    My uncle is a congress member as well he says all the party does caste politics stuff not only bjp though.

    Ya i think they could have performed better . Well lolz most of them abuse modi in rally nothing much happened here in karnataka.

    Our former cm abused all kind of stuff on modi here .
    Jun 13, 2018
  5. Sweet Disposition
    Sweet Disposition
    Delhi is okay since kejriwal isn't going mental in interview's.It was always okay only problem was kejri's conspiracy theories

    yes they all do but BJP repeteadly said it has one goal "Development" which has been thrown in dustbin now

    Well modi himself started it calling sonia gandhi jersey cow;rahul gandhi calf;sunanda pushkar 50 Lac gf

    They all do problem is BJP is repeteadly lying and making fool of Indian's

    Here are few of the U turns from BJP and believe me there are loads and loads more


    lets also forget they allied PDP yeah fcking PDP.And finally this is just disgusting


    party with a change my ass
    Jun 14, 2018