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User Sponsored Contests Guidelines

Discussion in 'General Contests Archive' started by Rohan, Jul 10, 2017.

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  1. Rohan Guest

    Are you interested in hosting your own custom contest? Then you have come to the right place! However in order to keep things organised, you need to follow these instructions:

    1. Post a Request - First of all you need to post all details of your contest in a thread in this section: User Sponsored Contest Ideas Section for approval. If an admin agrees to your contest, you can post your sign up thread.

    2. Advantages of User Sponsored Contests:-
    • You control your prizes and are responsible for providing them.
    • You are allowed to have other users sponsor your contest. Sponsors must be credited in the Contest Thread.
    • You control your format for the contest (Sign-up thread, rules, etc).
    • You can use whatever voting scheme you wish.
    When applying for your contest, you must be transparent and give details about all of the above things.

    3. It is mandatory that your contest is run through in a fair manner and there are no undercover deals between you and the participants. If caught, your ability to host future contests with be called into question by the Staff.

    4. To maintain transparency throughout the course of your event, you are required to make a detailed winners post/thread and distribute all the prizes that were publically stated in your contest. This includes:
    • Who the winners are.
    • What they placed.
    • What rewards they gain.
    If you fail to do so you will lose your ability to host contests until all prizes are distributed by you.

    5. The Staff will give a singular user sponsored contest award: [​IMG] to all members who get first place in a user sponsored event. Contact @ROHAN and link the winners post/thread and he will give out the award.

    6. If a user demonstrates dedication and hard work towards running their contest by hosting multiple contest editions and the Staff feel that it should be included in the Hall of Fame, it will be done on the following conditions:-
    • You must ensure you have maintained transparency during your time as a host.

    • Having one or two issues does not affect your contests entry into the Hall of Fame, however if there were continuous problems and issues, that will become a factor.

    • You must demonstrate that you can run your contest smoothly and without delay. We won’t have any problems if you had to put your contest on hiatus for personal reasons, but we will if you left your contest abandoned for a stretch of time without giving any prior notice.

    • Generally, consideration for your contests entry into the Hall of Fame will start after your 5th contest, and be finalised before your 10th. Because it will be done on a case-by-case basis - some may be approved quicker or slower than other events. This is more to do with the different time periods that each user run contest may have.
    7. In the event that you wish to apply for an event that is already run in an official capacity we will not allow you to run a duplicate of this event (and vice versa). If there are any issues or suggestions you may have for the official event that is leading you on to do this, please share your thoughts and opinions on the matter in the Suggestions forum.

    8. If there are any disputes regarding these contests, the word of the staff is final.
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