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Tokyo ghoul shipping questions

Discussion in 'Tokyo Ghoul' started by Sagebee, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Sagebee Senior Member

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    I've been discussing on other forums uries mutsuki saikos relationship. Do you think saiko loves urie in a romantic level or familial level. And do you think urie has romantic interests in mitsuki?

    Also what' your thoughts on takizawa amon and akira relationship. I personally don't think amon has romantic interests in akira and I think theres a reason they cut off the supposed kiss scene. I think amon more so cares to protect her out of responsibility. And I think akiras affection for amon is what she see's of her father. I think it' implied that amon had some one else that he loved that died and I think amon cares more in reshaping the world just. I think takizawa is in more need of affection both him and akira feel empty and only akira can save him for feeling like a monster and thinking he has nothing to live for. Also both haven't admitted their love for each other aswell.

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