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Ohoi! — New Continuity

Discussion in 'Yo!' started by Lukecetion, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Lukecetion 狂気は不明です

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    I'm Contiunity and this is my introduction thread, a long overdue one at that. I've been a member of SugoiDesu for about three weeks now and I have yet to make a thread like this, a place for y'all to get to know me a bit better. If you've read this entire thread and still have some remaining questions about me, feel free to ask in this thread or start a Private Conversation with me. With that said, let us get the basic information out of the way first.

    I was born on the 25th of May 1997, which makes me a little over 20 years old as of writing this thread. For the ones that are curious, I am a man/boy and when I refer to "my bf" in a conversation then that means just what it does. I am from and currently living in Norway in the northern part of Europe (right next to Sweden if you know where that is). That should do it for the basics, now let us go into a more "personal" territory, namely the things that makes me who I am and what I spend my life doing.

    I started school when I was six years old, aka in 2003 and ended it with I was 19 years old, aka in 2016. Hence I have 13 years of education, which here in Norway is considered about 70-80% of a complete education as I shouldn't have more than three to five years of education left at most. Throughout those 13 years, many things have changed, but nowhere near as many as (I and people who know me) it would in the average person. I am someone who is not easily affected by other people or events, I have not and I will not give into peer pressure or group pressure, I've never cared to "fit" in with other people. That being said, I do come along with a great deal of people, I just simply don't want to alter who I appear to be in order to achieve that.

    Now, who am I? I can start by saying that I have more than one friend who would refer to me as a form of "two-face" (for the sake of reference). What I mean by this is not that I have two polar opposite behaviors or personalities, and no, half my face isn't horribly scarred. This moniker comes from the fact that I can be both extremely childish and serious at any given time, though I prefer not to be serious unless I have to. The moniker came as a easier way of explaining that I am (and I quote my friends here); "The most childish person I've met, yet you are more grown up than most of your peers".

    Now, why am I like that and why aren't I easily affected by the actions of others? I would need a education within psychology to say I have an educated guess, but take an educated guess from me regardless (because no one knows me better than I do, right?). The reason is simple, I want to have fun with my life. Trying to be someone else, doing things you don't like to earn favors from others and lying to yourself in order to "fit" in is not fun. That being said, I don't think working is fun either, but I see it as a necessary "evil" in order to get money so I can have fun, because everything takes money these days. Because of my approach to things such as suffering ,sadness and negative emotion alike it, others believe me to be an emotionless as***le who doesn't care for anyone or anything.

    I say that can't be further from the truth. I view myself as a very emotional person, but also a very stable person. I know that pain, suffering and despair are all parts of life, I accepted that when I was around nine years old and decided that instead of letting it change me for the worse and affect me in ways that would hinder my way of life, I would take the "best" of those experiences and not let them control my life, but rather use them to achieve something out of it. On that flipside, people have noted that my way of thinking is inherently positive and at some points foolish. You see, I believe in the best of people, not the worst. I believe that anyone has the capacity to be a great human being, but I also understand that there are those people who hold no wish to be those people and would rather be viewed as "cruel" and "evil" for their own goals.

    No one is inherently evil, nor are anyone inherently good, that is what I believe. That ideal might have gotten through to you already if you've been reading this entire time. I am a person who doesn't view something as black or white, but view each and every situation in shades of grey (I am killing it with these references). Now for the final "path" I follow in my life, well this one is rather simple and easy to grasp. I matters not who stands in my way, be it my parent, my sibling, my child or even God. I will never stop until I decide I will. This is the third and final way I live my life, and what it means is just what I says. I will not be affected by someone else unless I want to, I will not give up on something simply because someone says it is impossible and I will never go back on my word (believe it!).

    I am a stubborn and childish person who won't easily give up, I care for everyone I meet, even the people who meet me with ill intent. I am not afraid to cry though I will not cry unless I feel it absolutely necessary. Whenever I do something, I do it for the simple fact that I want something fun out of it, not because I simply "have" to do it. If you've managed to read the entire way here, then congratulations! I won't take up any more of your time now, so this will have to do. As stated earlier, if you have any questions then by all means ask them and I will reply to the best of my ability.
  2. Mahesvara Lostbelt King

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    Welcome to SD >bestsensei<
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  3. Joji

    Joji from the east blue

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    Half of that is like me xd welcome to SD mate and enjoy your stay!
  4. Goetia

    Goetia Úᴛʟᴁɢʀ Gᴜᴆ

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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the stay.
  5. Dessie

    Dessie demon queen

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    Welcome to SD
  6. Gobb

    Gobb finds a way

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    Never seen anyone put their life story into an intro lol.

    Anyway, welcome to SD! If you need any help, have any questions, or wanna chat, feel free to send me a message!
  7. Marshmellow (Moon Rabbit)

    Marshmellow (Moon Rabbit) Lucky Rabbit (Feet and Co)

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    Welcome Mistress Nordic to SD.
    Nice to have some more scandinavians on here :)

    I am mostly British and American/Canadian n German descent....

    Have fun here and thanks for the well detailed introduction!
  8. Marin Godly Member

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    Damn you're talkative lol

    Welcome to the forum! Also did you make that header? If so you good with GFX!
  9. Rohan Guest

    Welcome to SD! :)

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