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NEWS Mafia Section Changelog

Discussion in 'Mafia Lounge' started by Rohan, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Rohan Guest

    Mafia Game Managers will post updates on the rules and guides here. :)
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  2. Rohan Guest

    First of all the Assassin Game thread prefixes and archive section have been removed. This is for three quick reasons:-
    1. The Assassin Game is fundamentally not different from a Mafia Game. The major differences that I remember are : 1) Multiball faction setup, 2) No Night Phase with all actions been resolved in Day Phase and 3) A separate voting thread. All three things can be done in a Mafia Game.
    2. The two sites which hosted Assassin Games have been pulled down and as such I could find no rules, guidelines or archival game threads to justify Assassin Games to be separate form Mafia Games.
    3. I have been asking the Assassin Game community to host games here for three months and all attempts have unfortunately failed. Niether the hosts or players are interested in an Assassin Game happening.
    If you are still interested in hosting an Assassin game though, it will work under the Mafia Game prefixes. It won't be given a separate status anymore.

    Secondly, I have decided that all mafia games will be divided into two basic types:-

    1. Normal Mafia Games- These games feature phases which last for 24 hours and are slow paced games.
    2. Turbo Mafia Games- These games feature phases lasting for 30 minutes to one hour and are rapid paced games.
    Both game types have their particular prefixes as you can see below:-


    Unfortunately under the current version of Xenforo forum software that SD is using does not support multiple prefixes been attached to one thread. That and for convenience sake I have made two types of game prefixes.

    If you want to add other prefixes, you will have to put them in the thread title like this: [Bastard] [Experimental] [Assassin Game], etc.

    Both Normal and Turbo Mafia games will be archived in two different sections.

    P.S: I have decided to keep the section name intact as it references the three types of factions in a mafia game: Townies (Town), Mafias (Mafia) and Assassins (Third Party and Independents)!

    -Posted on 18/05/2017.
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  3. Rohan Guest

    • Editing and Deleting posts option has been disabled for all members in the main Mafia gaming section.
    • Only members in the Godfather usergroup (Game hosts and Game managers) can edit and delete posts in the Mafia gaming section.

    2- If as a player you have issues with the hosting of a game, you can post a thread in the support centre: https://www.sugoidesu.net/forums/mafia-management-and-support-center.206/ and the game managers will look into the issue and give a verdict.

    -Posted on 21/05/2017.
  4. Rohan Guest

    • Like Permission has been disabled in the main Mafia Game section but it is enabled in the archive sections. This means that dead players can no longer indirectly give tells by liking posts. Liking posts can be done after the game is over and archived.
    • A new section called Voting Threads Archive has been added : https://www.sugoidesu.net/forums/voting-thread-archive.209/ which will store Voting Threads of both Turbo and Normal Mafia Games.
    • The Death Note RPG Game Overview has been added to this post: https://www.sugoidesu.net/threads/mafia-rules-and-guides.6422/#post-109249 in the Mafia Rules and Guides thread. The Day Phase and Night Phase templates will also be added soon. P.S: It is done.
    -Posted on 03/06/2017.
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  5. Rohan Guest

  6. Rohan Guest

  7. Rohan Guest

    Source: https://www.sugoidesu.net/threads/sugoi-desu-official-mafia-calendar.15363/

    It is hereby announced that you must keep the above in mind when signing up for a game. If you break the rules and are barely active in the games you are playing, you will be punished accordingly with points. This will be enforced on all games from now on.

    Secondly, the guide is almost done you can read it up here: https://www.sugoidesu.net/threads/mafia-rules-and-guides.6422/ and if you have any suggestions or feedback please make a thread in this section.

    -Posted On 18/06/2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 2, 2017
  8. Rohan Guest

    First of all, all the archive sections have been put under "The Mafioso Records" sub forum. This ensures that the main page of the Mafia forum is not too cluttered. You can access section via: https://www.sugoidesu.net/forums/the-mafioso-records.224/ . It's visible on the main section also.

    Secondly, the game prefixes have been updated. The complete list is below:-


    There are prefixes now for:-

    Mafia Game (Red) Prefixes for Mafia Games.
    Assassin Game (Blue) Prefixes for Assassin Games.
    Town Of Salem (Green) Prefixes for Town Of Salem Games.
    Turbo Game (Yellow) Prefixes for Turbo Games.
    Voting Thread (Orange) Prefix.

    The Guides for each type of game will be posted as time goes on. The prefixes have been added for convenience and expansion purposes which will be done in the future.

    Thirdly, a Rules and Guides section has been added : https://www.sugoidesu.net/forums/rules-and-guides.225/. It will contain all the rules and guides for games.

    -Posted On 02/07/2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2017
  9. Rohan Guest

    After discussion among the managers, we have decided to revert back to the old system of Normal and Turbo Mafia games. Prefixes and section descriptions have been updated accordingly.

    -Posted On 11/07/2017
  10. Rohan Guest


    • The Mafia Chat thread has been moved to the Lounge. You can now freely edit, like and delete posts. There shouldn't be any more inconveniences.
    -Posted on 21/07/2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2017
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