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Guide Mafia Game Overview

Discussion in 'Mafia Management And Support' started by Rohan, Dec 16, 2016.

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  1. Rohan Guest


    The Game of Mafia can be played by an indeterminate group of people, each playing the role of either a murdering Mafia member or an innocent townsperson, along with a game host. The players are divided into two factions and must decide as a group who to exile (or lynch) from the group until only one team remains. Typically, the two teams are a relatively small Mafia group, and the much larger Town group.

    In the PreGame, the host distributes all roles in the game to the players and sets up the Mafia Lair where the Mafiso can talk. The Mafia members may have a small introductory conversation in the lair. The Mafia through the Mafia Lair become aware of who is on thier side and as such become informed. The Mafia are also in less numbers, hence they are the minority. The Mafia as such is the Informed Minority faction. The host then posts the Game Thread and mentions all the players for the Day Phase.

    Day Phase
    In the Day Phase, the Town tries to weed out the Mafia by lynching someone they suspect to be mafia through a collective voting process. The Town unlike the Mafia have no idea who is on their side. The Town also forms the majority by having the higher number of players. Hence the Town is the uniformed Majority Faction. The Town uses the lynch to eliminate players. The player with the most votes, the majority vote or chosen by the monarchy (depending on the lynch system used) gets lynched and dies. the lynched player's role then gets revealed and the Day Phase ends.

    Twilight Phase
    The Twilight Phase is a pseudo-phase between Day and Night. More specifically, it is the time period between the hammer vote that seals the Day's lynch and the time the moderator locks the thread for Night.

    Night Phase
    In the Night Phase, all discussion stops and the game thread is locked. The Mafia however are able to continue discussing because of their Mafia Lair chat. They then choose a player to kill and send their target to the host. The host announces the death scene and the role of the killed player when the Night Phase ends.

    The EndGame
    The Day Phase and the Night Phase keep on happening in a cyclic manner like this: Day Phase 1 - Night Phase 1 - Day Phase 2 - Night Phase 2 and so on until the EndGame. The EndGame marks the victory of one particular faction because that faction attained it's win condition. This marks the end of the game.

    Some sites which can help you in knowing more about Mafia Games :-
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