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Handling Critique - Guidelines

Discussion in 'GFX Hall' started by Kagerou, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. Kagerou

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    It seems to be a repeating theme on the forums these days that artists strongly (an understatement) disagree with each other about certain choices about their art. This quickly escalates into an unnecessary battle of "can I insult you better than you can insult me?" posts which just gets tiresome to read through. As a result, I'm posting a simple guide on how to treat other artists on the forum with basic human dignity so that we can keep the posts in this section positive, fun, and constructive. Better artists make better people.

    1. Think before you post.

    People disagree with each other. This is a fact. You will get angry - let's not dispute that. However, think about how you want to express that anger. Why would you waste the energy it takes to move your finger muscles to insult someone thousands of miles away? You're wearing out your keyboard's precious buttons on an ANONYMOUS and ABSTRACT entity. Instead, learn to deal with that anger constructively. Either don't post, or let yourself calm down before you start posting. Think about WHAT they're saying and try and see it from their point of view. They may have a point.

    2. If you're going to give advice, let it be constructive.

    There are tons of "this looks bad" or "I don't like it" posts on forums. That doesn't help the artist at all. Explain, in detail, what you FEEL could make the design better. This also doesn't mean that it should be the law of the land and that anyone who differs with your advice is a total moron and should be spayed. What looks good to me doesn't necessarily look good to you (and vice-versa).

    3. Treat others with basic respect

    I'm not suggesting that you treat everyone like your boss or anything like that, but tone down on any harsh insults. It's only worth insulting someone (and I know this is bad advice) when you can do it in real life and see their physical reaction. Insulting someone online is like yelling to a wheel that it's mother constantly rolled around under a truck driver. It's absolutely pointless. If you really need to insult someone, at least make sure that it's sarcastic and mildly funny. Sort of like a veiled insult - it shouldn't be obvious.

    4. Be open-minded.

    This is pretty self explanatory. A discussion has no base worth when the person giving advice (or receiving it) can't have an open mind about design and design theory in general. Nothing in design is set in stone - as long as you can explain why you made certain choices (and the reasons are valid design rationales - not something like "because it looks pretty").

    Keep in mind that these are not rules, but guidelines. Bannable offenses aren't heavily focused on in this section, but it's important to follow these guidelines in order to have a positive, creative and enjoyable community of creations within SD.

    In any case, have fun showcasing your art!

    Thanks and regards,
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