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CYOA Planning/Discussion

Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Phenom, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Phenom The Resident Bibliophile

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    Welcome to the Choose Your Own Adventure planning and discussion thread. Before I begin, I'm going to explain the gist of how a CYOA works. Some of you may be familiar or have participated or read one before (think Goosebumps Give Yourself a Scare), so feel free to chime in and help prevent confusion with everyone else involved.

    Now first off:

    Choose Your Own Adventure is a variation of the usual text-based RPG game system. You will be presented a scenario that a set number of characters (you help decide who, what, etc) interact and respond to. The story plays out in reaction to how you choose them to react. If you were to say choose option a.) stealth versus option b.) go in guns blazing, the outcome would play out differently with NPCs reacting accordingly. There are no stats, this is entirely text-based.

    You will help me draft a loose setting, a small list of characters (to help prevent confusion, there will be some anyway).

    Here's an example of what I mean:
    What should Agent M do next?
    A.) Light a cigarette, inhale deeply and re-evaluate his surroudings
    B.) Use the flashlight and proceed ahead slowly and carefully
    C.) GTFO, supervisors be damned, this place is creepy.

    A poll would be generated with the above options where those participating would vote and the story would proceed.

    Questions? Suggestions? Wish to be involved?


    Update #1: Proposing Settings Template

    If you have an idea for a setting or possible concept for the story, fill this template out and reply below please:
    [b]Time Period:[/b]
    The more detail you provide, the better I/we can do to help bring it to life. Remember: I want this to be fun so if at any point this doesn't feel that way, let me/we know!
  2. Punk Panda 1 Konobi

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    Setting: irrevlenat
    Time Period: 21st century
    Concept/Idea: You attain a death note, and have the same goal as Kira. Tryna kill all criminals Moderator plays L, but like fairly?

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