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Contributor Thread Submission

Discussion in 'Guides & Important Info' started by Rohan, Aug 19, 2017.

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  1. Rohan Guest

    If you have made a chapter/episode discussion thread for a series you can get prizes for it in this thread.

    Conditions to be met:-
    • Please use proper chapter discussion format (Thread Title and First Post content are important, an example: [X] ).
    • Must have a ratings poll
    • Thread creator must leave a chapter review and rating in the thread in the second post.
    • Once you are done, post the link of your thread here and mention an administrator.

    Current Rewards:-
    • 200 Keno for each chapter discussion thread.
    You can only make threads for a series which no one is making chapter discussion threads for. You can know who is making chapter discussion threads for a particular series here.
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  2. Anru Gamble Queen

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  3. Rohan Guest

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